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Splitting Crash Course DM episodes

Episode two of Crash Course DM came out this Tuesday! A day early!

We're changing from Wednesdays.

The scheduling in the player sessions is harder to keep track of than I thought it would be. I'm also learning that I need to be better at adapting to situations and managing change (more on that for episode three :} ) in the moment. Both as a DM and as a producer.

We ended up recording for so long that we split the first session into multiple episodes. In general we expect them to go long, so I always planned to have multiple episodes in one session. But I totally forgot to tell the team! All that hard setup work and I didn't explain anything to them.

We pulled it off. Episode one ends and two picks up with a recap.

Which is fine. But it's just fine. I want that extra level of intent and polish of "ending" the session recording for a given episode, instead of making one up afterwards.

I think I'll start using a timer in our play sessions, to more cleanly track when and where to break up the session into mini sessions.

I also need to do something different with the secret messaging Sura is running into. The intention originally was not to act as a harbinger of "what to go do next" and it's not exactly doing them any favors, but I need to adjust how it works.

In episode two, things evolved too easily into the craziest scenario. Which is fun! But it was too easy. It might as well have been set on railroad tracks. Choo-choo!!! :/

Notes for next time.


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