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Eulalia – Yoo Lay Lee Uh

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Talk about albums that age better than others! Whew, listening to the old Demi Vie stuff made me dig into the way back of 2015 for the acoustic EP I recorded under Josh Greenway Music titled Eulalia (you-lay-lee-uh)

I guess I have a thing for difficult to pronounce names 😀

I practiced to record this album for a couple of months solid, and then met with Mike Ziethlow (zet-low) and we recorded everything in one take! He was so kind and patient through the process, and has since moved into the exciting world of software (we actually both have day jobs in software now, though unrelated)

I want to do another acoustic project like this, simple single takes. I want to put out more music and I definitely have the gear! But all things in their due time, I need to finish the new Demi Vie project and the Podcast about DnD first.

Fun fact: Eulalia is a Greek name meaning ‘well spoken’ and a popular phrase uttered by Badgers in the Redwall books by Brian Jacques.

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