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Some Kind of Way

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Wow, time is crazy! It just slips by when I’m not looking, but I can also count every…single…second…as…it…passes.

Under the band name Demi Vie, I put together an ambitious 6 song EP recorded with almost no budget and 5 different musicians back in 2017. We released on all the normal streaming services, put the album for sale on Apple Music, and had a launch party at Bunkhouse Saloon (RIP)!

We had a great turn out, a few people bought physical albums and shirts, but to be honest after that it pretty quickly lost steam.

Having had some time away from it, overall the EP is not what I envisioned, and I attribute much of it to a lack of musical maturity on my part, letting too many cooks into the kitchen, and not reading more about the engineering side of things before we recorded.

Almost every second in the studio was uncomfortable, rife with disagreements and text messages being sent between band members on the sly. Yikes city.

And you can hear it on the album, too. We aren’t on the same page and the production quality suffered because of it. Many of the parts end up being really out of contrast with the others, and it doesn’t hold true to the promise we made with our single, ‘Some kind of way’.

But there are nice moments to it. I love the final version of Some Kind of Way and the music video. Even though recording that was it’s own special hell, the director, cast, and crew made it wonderful given the circumstances.

Someday I want to come back to this album and remix things with John Khielbach from Naked City, if we even have the original audio files, but for now I can at least appreciate some small parts of it, while agreeing with our critics on much of the rest.

In the meantime, I’m working on a new EP under the Demi Vie name, and hope I’ll have a couple of tracks out before the end of the year! More info soon!


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