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Bang! - A One-Shot in Progress (ft. One Shot at a Time)

I'm writing a one-shot adventure!!!!

Well...I wrote one, but then I scrapped it to come up with fresher ideas. (See: Build one to throw it away)

With the original idea freshly scrapped, I went over to visit my friend Daniel Lok, the forever GM of One Shot at a Time (and Feelings the High Elf Bard in CCDM) to get out of my own way. There were just a few things I wanted to keep:

  • Set in the home-brew setting of The Collide

  • "Wild West" inspired

  • Magic is twisted, or barely works

  • Players vs DM, Battle Royale

I think it made for a pretty exciting premise and episode!

You can hear our conversation here:

Story firmly in hand, I decided to borrow from the Wizards of the Coast typical adventure outline, to start writing it up! Three act piece, open on an exciting start, and give players a few choices to make that flavor their adventures in the rest of the one-shot.

Overall, it's still a work in progress. I have the story beats largely outlined, but I have bonus stuff I want to work in, and there are the finer details of the scene descriptions for the GM. The first draft is probably 70% done.

At least I have a start on a One-Shot Template for Notion now for any future one-shots.

My hope is I can put together a live-play sometime soon to take it for a run on Crash Course DM to give our first campaign a breather.

We'll see how it goes!

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